Cannes Design Lions 2011

Boysen: “An accredited Responsible Care® company for environmental safety.”

Finansbank: “Call us before things go wrong.”

Carl Zeiss Lenses

Tide Bleach: “For a brighter wash.”

CNN Turk: “CNN weather report. 99% accurate.”

France24: “The first news channel available live on iPhone.”



Terra Travel: “Routine sucks.”


Hospital Aleman: “The best health plan for children.”

Alka Seltzer

Greenpeace: “Every signature helps save our seas.”

Energizer: “Never let their toys die.”

Amnesty International

Nerolac Quick Dry Paint

Penguin Books: “Escape into a book.”

Harvey Nichols


WWF: “Forests for Life.”

Adesf Smoking Awareness: “Your body is your home. Don’t smoke.”

Duende Azul: “You, but funnier than you.”

Misereor: “War leaves many scars. War orphans need your help to live in peace.”

Tide: “Ketchup doesn’t stand a chance.”

Stihl: “Don’t wait too long.”

Clima Bicycle Lock

SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation: “In the food chain of the rain forest, the rubber stamp is the principal predator.”



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